End of an Era in La Jolla – The Way We Were, by Tommy Carroll

I was sent this the other day, and even if it is a bit before Mac Media, it is a classic of what La Jolla was in the late 1940s and set the foundation for the craziness and bizarre times of the 1960s and 70s.

Many will recognize the dads and moms of their friends and people they past forgotten about. No doubt this will spark some fond memories of the way La Jolla was back then.

Classic photos of La Jolla High School being built,  La Jolla Cove, a few shots of Gunnery Training at Bird Rock (rare photo) Ocean Beach pier, Pacific Beach’s dirt streets, WindanSea and some of the luaus that later become Mac Meda Conventions, summer at the beach, lifeguards, the Plunge, La Jolla High football team and cheerleaders, football team and the few buildings  La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club had, with no homes in the background.

People like Woodie Ekstron, Pat Curren, Mike Doyle,  Buddy Hull, Phil Prather, Jack Lucas, Maynard Heatherly, and the beautiful actress Rachael Welch poising at WindanSea shack, all shared the tiny beach town of La Jolla.

Check out how peaceful the tiny beach town of La Jolla was and the first major development in La Jolla, Torry Pines.

The surrounding hills that are not littered with estates and mansions, but just beach cottages.

Enjoy the 20 minute video  – if this does not bring back some cool memories to some, I don/t know what will..


  1. Phil Fahs says:

    That was a terrific video. I did not grow up in LaJolla, but many of my high school days in Florida came flooding over me as I watched the video. I’ve spent time in LJ in the Navy and also vacationing in that beautiful city and have just returned from there a month ago. It was great seeing the old high school pictures from the ’40’s.

  2. Kurt Olney says:

    I was born in 1949 and my first appearance in La Jolla was in 1967. This was fun to watch.

  3. Sean Tupper says:

    the video is gone for this page. Is there a way to post it agin ?
    My grandfather is Buddy Hull and I’ve never seen it. I would love to see it.
    Thank you Sean Tupper

  4. Jeanne Lenhart says:

    How fun! I loved going to all the dances at La Jolla High School with Randy MacLaren. His dad Ian MacLaren was a coach at La Jolla High School. Butch Van Artsdalen, Randy and I would surf at the pier in Pacific Beach and if it wasn’t good we would drive the coast. I was an usherette at the La Jolla Play House (the old schoool auditorium) in the summer. So many memories and good friends.

  5. Gay Hazleton says:

    Thanks Tommy Carrol… I do not know who you were… but there are some people here in the (comments) that I recognize….. WOW… these photos are amazing… !! Awe.. the clothes and cars are fabulous…. I was born at Old Scripps Hospital… many memories we all remember… seeing La Jolla High Being built is awesome… Rachael Welch… she was Tajata right…? SP?) Jimmy’s sister… I ran into him just a year or two ago.. He is living in Bay Park… I was just walking by his house.. what a friendly guy.. He said his sister lives in L.A. and he goes over all the time… she is just a regular good person…

    This man (Tommy) put a LOT of effort into this video….I see he got photos from lots of folks including the Historical Society…. someone should make one of the 1960’s (or there abouts)…. since they are all (Still photography) with the music added… not that complicated a program actually….. maybe Doug Moranville… he seems to have the most posted from that period and was like one of the FEW people who even owned a camera…

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