End of an Era in La Jolla – The Way We Were, by Tommy Carroll

I was sent this the other day, and even if it is a bit before Mac Media, it is a classic of what La Jolla was in the late 1940s and set the foundation for the craziness and bizarre times of the 1960s and 70s.

Many will recognize the dads and moms of their friends and people they past forgotten about. No doubt this will spark some fond memories of the way La Jolla was back then.

Classic photos of La Jolla High School being built,  La Jolla Cove, a few shots of Gunnery Training at Bird Rock (rare photo) Ocean Beach pier, Pacific Beach’s dirt streets, WindanSea and some of the luaus that later become Mac Meda Conventions, summer at the beach, lifeguards, the Plunge, La Jolla High football team and cheerleaders, football team and the few buildings  La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club had, with no homes in the background.

People like Woodie Ekstron, Pat Curren, Mike Doyle,  Buddy Hull, Phil Prather, Jack Lucas, Maynard Heatherly, and the beautiful actress Rachael Welch poising at WindanSea shack, all shared the tiny beach town of La Jolla.

Check out how peaceful the tiny beach town of La Jolla was and the first major development in La Jolla, Torry Pines.

The surrounding hills that are not littered with estates and mansions, but just beach cottages.

Enjoy the 20 minute video  – if this does not bring back some cool memories to some, I don/t know what will..


  1. Mary Murphy says:

    Enjoyed this video. Found while searching for pictures of La Jolla in hopes of finding one of a riding academy. Lived there with parents during war (1943-44). Was run by a Dr. Lyford and his wife. Beautiful building, stables, riding rings, upstairs apartment, room for stable hands. Out back were avacado groves. Anyone remember this place? Can provide pictures?
    Thanks. Mary

  2. David King says:

    That was awesome! Saw my uncle Tony.

  3. Bring back the simple times!

  4. John F. Weldon says:

    Kudos. Before my time, but brings back fond memories; LJHS 1966 grad. If I remember correctly, my brother-in-law, Joel Goodmonson helped build the shack, and definitely ate the pigs, along with the vodka watermelon when he was a student at SDSU (then an elementary teaching school) — he would have loved it. Much appreciated & mahalo. John K– hope you, Chris & Roger are well.

  5. David Truett says:

    Very enjoyable video!

    I’d love to see larger stills of some of the historical La Jolla photos, many of which I have not seen before. I especially enjoyed the photos of LJ High in the early days, as well as the shots of Gunnery Point in Bird Rock.

    Thank you very much for posting this!

  6. Thanks for the pics and histories.I worked with my Brother Jerry Wilson at Chucks’ Steak House in the late 60s.A wild bronc rider coming from the Santee/ Lakeside area into such a sophisticated village like LJ made memories so vivid that I can still warm my hands over them.Do you remember this era? Hippies!Especially, beautiful local girls wearing designer beads and leather outfits treating local surfers to a big Chucks’steak dinner ( because the guys were going to need all their strength later.I’m getting warmer right now!

  7. Peter Boynton says:

    As a lapsed La Jollan, I really enjoyed this. My family moved there in 1956, when I was 13, and LJ was hard to get to. Lived initially on Chelsea St. in Bird Rock. I remember watching helicopters land in the vacant lot below the Inn. After a few years, my parents built one of the first houses on LJ Mesa Drive facing the ravine, with a spectacular view of the Mission Bay and beyond.

  8. I didn’t get to La Jolla until Jan 1952 but recognize many of the people and places. My 2 sons, Steve and Danny Baker are sitting looking up at Blankenship, Carl Ekstrom and Don Russell. I lived at Windansea (literally) until chased off by the police along with Kenny Easton in the early 50s. It was a great time to have lived here. I still live 1/2 mile south of Windansea.

  9. I remember the ’68 raid on WindanSea. At the time, I was only 10, my family was living on Bon Air Way, and word was out that there was a band at the Pump House. So, we wondered across Nautilus to discover cops everywhere. Pretty frigging cool, in my opinion. I guess I was too young to be arrested….. Thanks for the memories! Michael Boyajian (Class of 1976).

  10. Karen Strickland says:

    Thanks so much for the memories. We truly lived in a place that was magical. Such fun, and excitement, and what a wonderful group of friends. My fondest memories were going to the Roxy Theater on Cass St in PB for .25 matinee. Casa pool swimming, and the cove snorkeling, and later the surfing at the Shores, and trying to be cool at Windnsea. Jim Stewart being filmed underwater as a shark takes a big chunk out of his arm, and being filmed by Ron Church..Do you remember????

  11. Walter "Wally" Rpbertson Jr. says:

    I was born in Lj in 1937 and Jack Mac was my best friend thru LJHS 1955. we belonged to the dive club of LJ Shores with Don Tomlinson (my cousin), Don Griffiths, Buddy Schwartz, Phil Neal, and others; I will get you lots more later; I would like to get a copy of the END OF AN ERA vidio; who do I contact – email, phone? Thanks. Wally Robertson Jr.

  12. David Grant says:

    In the early 60s George Mann began setting up his volley ball net at Windansea. With Mike Wallace, Alan Littlemore, Dick Schneider, Jim Aldrich, Bobby Rudd, Jack Eliot, Mike Sansen, Bill Lee and half a dozen others, we played there (poorly)right through the winter. From time to time, George would take his net to Marine Street, but that was rare and in no time he’d be back at Windansea. Just about all of us remember the love-in at the Cove with killer amps and equally killer cops chasing a fair-sized crowd out of the park. No one of my generation could have lived through those times in La Jolla with those times becoming among the most memorable in our lives, times that in may ways defined us.

  13. douglas rakestraw says:

    I was still in LJ Elementary when the 49-ers were seniors. But fun to recognize lots of places, buildings etc. as they were back then. We used to go to matinees at the Granada and get icecream soda afterwards (almost) next door. I learned to swim at the Cove and Casa cove, hung out on all the beaches, remember the rusty chasse of car on Black’s Beach etc. Great fun to see. Thanks

  14. Annie King says:

    neat to hear the comments from the locals. I’m an 81 grad who is thankful to live in birdrock now, with good ol’ memories of lj and the stories of those who came before!

  15. Mark Lee says:

    Oh this slide show of La Jolla and Pacific Beach is wonderful. Having lived from my birth in 1950 in Bird Rock and the Muirlands, allowed me to be raised by my parents Fred and Adele Lee with three other sibilings 2 miles from Bird Rock Elementary School on Bellevue Street next door to Dr. Weigle, Bruce and Marjorie and later at 1305 Muirlands Vista Way Muirlands, a few blocks up from Muirlands Junior High School and then 3 more years at La Jolla High School, finally graduating in 1968-brings back a ton of memories for me. I really miss the old LaJolla. Go Viking Class of 1968
    and keep on partying MacMeda Destruction Company! Keep on Rockin – Mark D. Lee

  16. Henry Jr says:

    That was my dad. 😉

  17. Janne Calloway says:

    Thanks for “The Way We Were” My brother was David Calloway and well known to the Windansea Group. Henry Hester, you bought my grandparents house on Torrey Pines Road many years ago. Fun to hear from La Jolla natives. I was born at Scripps in 1944. Presently in Encinitas.

  18. Excellent slide show! Thanks for the history and laughs!

  19. John K. Weldon says:

    Thanks for this video history

  20. Henry Hester says:

    Very cool to see our fathers and their buds. I was born a few years after the 49ers graduated, 1951. My dad, Henry Sr and mom, Perrietta went to Point Loma High, probably hanging at Newbreak. 😉 Henry

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