Eric Burdon and the Animals – “When I Was Young” Back At La Jolla’s WindanSea and Sea Lane

Eric Burdon at a recent concert  and Mac Meda

Eric Burdon points to buy his and the Animals song,"When I Was Young" which is now back on youtube, under the Mac Meda WindanSea, Sea Lane video.

Over a year ago, Sue Olney had some old time photos of WindanSea and Sea Lane. Well, Kip “Pinky” Ives made a video out of it, and launched it on youtube. The video took off and within a couple of months it was receiving 1000s of views and hit the #1 spot under youtubes  search of “La Jolla.”

It became a RF to other La Jolla elite/snobbish videos like the cultured stuff of La Jolla Symphony and Music –  to that of nursing sweet, cute, baby seals at the cove …

… something that Ottis Benton really loves, but that’s another post…

At the time, Google had bought youtube, and when that happened, they got hammered with copyright infringements lawsuits (obvious, the deep pockets theory) when people were using copyright protected, photos, videos, quotes, and songs for their videos.

Well, Google clamped down (and yes, they had every right to)  and started axing 10s of 1000s of videos.  And with that said, Mac Meda got pulled because, Eric Burdon and the Animals, song, When I was Young, was used.

Needless to say, Pinky was bummed and they were right.

Okay, now what? Well, what the hell!, Pinky thought, and emailed Eric Burdon and asked for permission to use the song, since it was of non-commercial value and it was made in memory of Jack McPherson and to those who lives were cut short. It was a longshot.

Pink heard nothing back.

Well, that changed a few weeks ago. Now whether or not Pinky got permission to use the song, or Eric Burdon and its agents ( and iTunes) thought the video was hot enough to  promote their song, it is now back on youtube, with one very awesome catch; now you can download the song off the video.

Check out the video and download “When I Was Young”, at  Mac Meda La Jolla and Eric Burdon

This is the perfect win-win!

Either way, “Mac Meda’s WindanSea, Sea Lane, When I Was Young” video is going strong. Mac Meda thanks, Eric Burdon and his Animals, youtube, Google, and iTunes.

And what is better, it is slowly inching it way back  to the #1 spot under the keyword, La Jolla.


  1. I would imagine that “the people who are dead in it” died sometime after the filming….

  2. Good job, Pinky!!!!!

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