Showing Off a New Bike at Windansea Parking Lot

New Bike at WindanSea

Hummmm, new bike??? Photo believed taken by Sarrett in 1968? and provided by Eber

For a while there it seemed the hottest thing was a cool bike, and there was nothing like getting one, regardless of who, what and where.

New was even better …

Once one was inquired about, and steps made to  acquire it,  it was then just a matter of showing it off to the girls at WindanSea parking lot. Now …  and without going into details of whose bike it was, well the Meda  editor rests his case on this short post.

L-R – Eber, Pete Bergstron, Lisa Coombe, Barbra Gosnell, unknown, Bill Uncapher and John K Weldon check out the newly acquired and cool machine.


  1. Any info on the VW Bug in the background? Mine had a “Surf Boards by Jacobs” decal in the driver’s side backseat window. Just wondering.

  2. John K. Weldon says:

    Was that ever back in the day

  3. I have also heard stories of the 50s and La Jolla Shores Drive…after 10, the speed was 100 MPH.

    Wasn’t there an actual racetrack in La Jolla? Where the glidar port now is?

    And wasn’t the legendary Dick Lemke in his own league for a mechanical genius?

  4. Dan "MONK" Talboy says:

    I remember Eber used to crack the throttle wide open and hit down LJ Blvd. till one night comming back from the Red Mountain Inn, he wrapped it around a telephone poll, end of bike, end of story

  5. Dan Dameron says:

    Nice recovery Pinkster

  6. Dan Dameron says:

    Editor….How do you inquire a motorcycle?

  7. The ” unknown ” is Timmy Ambrose

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