Long Bar – Butch Van Artsdalen

Long Bar - 1964

Thought I’d share this in honor of the 34th Anniversary of Butch’s death.
That’s Anne (Tiny Brain) Thomas on Butch’s lap. Homer Skief, Suzanne Stewart, Barry Kanaiapuni, and Dave Willingham. Harold Bloomfield and Sally Barta are the standing couple. Some of the others are Alton Tavares, Carol Clifford and Vince Turner. The Original Long Bar, 1964. Photo/Suzanne Passafuma

Long Bar with Butch Van Artsdalen and Friends

To: Webmaster

Bob Feigel

Hi – A brief note to say thanks for your blog. It’s being enjoyed by quite a few people who belong to the Facebook group California Surfing Memories & Photos.

Your blog came up as part of the discussion and tributes about the 38th anniversary of Butch’s death. A few of us old timers, including me, actually knew Butch and had some stories to tell. But most only know him by the legend he forged during his short, but eventful life.

I noticed in the discussion on Maynards that someone named Cyndi had written a book. Since it’s not mentioned elsewhere I’m hoping you can tell me what kind of book it is and its title.

Thanks again,



  1. Michael Gildea says:

    This is a great photo and confirms so many family legends. Can I get a better jpg of this photo? My sperm dad and egg mom are in it and I would like to show my kids just to show – well I dunno… BTW unless my parents were having make up sex 1964 is way too late for Earl and Sheila to hang in TJ with Bruce et al. They was split by early 63. Remember watching Kennedy Funeral at “Mom’s” house on Cuvier. That was Nov-Dec 1963 unless that too is fake news.

  2. Penny Hamilton says:

    Good to see Homer Skief in your photo. Homer was a friend of my brother, Hawk Hamilton, & my boyfriend in the 1960s.

  3. Greg Abbott says:

    Does any one know how to contact Dave Willingham’s family?

  4. Also…Jack told this Butch story. WHen Butch died in the summer of 1979, Ronald Patterson was the first guy in California to be called from Hawaii. And the first guy Ronald called was Jack, in La Jolla.

    • Our family still thinks something went wrong with the transfusion they gave Butch at Wahiawa General Hospital on July 17, 1979

      When Dr. Delcher first called us on July 15, 1979 he said Butch would need a caregiver when he was released from the hospital and I was on my way to take care of him .

      Then, the Doctor called and told my Mom that Butch needed a blood transfusion, and she told them to be “extra careful” because he had a rare blood type.

      The next call we got from Dr. Delcher was, if you want to see Butch alive you better get on the next plane to Hawaii.

      When we got there so many friends were with Butch and a huge picture was hanging on the ceiling in his room.

      Butch had a fever of 107 degrees and the Dr. Delcher told us if they tried to scrape Butch’s liver and he made it through the surgery he would have to live in a half way house the rest of his life because of the brain damage from the high fever.

      My Mom made the toughest decision of any mother I have ever known. She told them no surgery and that Butch would never be happy living like that, and the Dr. agreed.

      Finally, my Mom went to the lounge to take a nap and I stayed with Butch for awhile~ I still remember to this day, his body was so hot!!

      Then, I kissed him on the forehaed and told him I would be right back~ he gave me butterfly kisses with his long eye lashes on my cheek and I went to check on my Mom~ The nurse follwed me within minutes and told us Butch had passed away. I KNOW he told me goodbye!!

      After that a lot is a blur until Fred Hemmings met with us and was so much help in planning Butch’s Memorial.
      More abou tthat later…
      Always Butchs’s Sis

  5. Great photo…Earl Gildea and Sheila Redden Gildea on lower far left. Thx!

  6. curtis crie says:

    R.I.P. Eber, on behalf of the Crie family.

  7. Sorry we did not get back soon, but the website was recently rebuilt to a more technical mainstream blog and are currently redoing some of the media stuff – what a great photo, and thanks very much for it .. we also heard about the book but nothing has come across …

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