Jack in the Box Head On Top of La Jolla High’s Flagpole

Senior pranks tend to be an unofficial tradition at most high schools, similar to the unofficial senior skip day. It is crucial to find the perfect prank; one must realized the fine line between harmless and mischievous and vandalism or criminal. Some of the typical ones are TPing the school grounds … [Read more...]

Cop Rolls Car Busting La Jolla, WindanSea Convention

Here is how the story goes. Huge Mac Meda Convention at WindanSea. Cops like always were waiting out of sight, usually lined up like a fright train somewhere in Bird Rock or at the top of Nautilus St; glued to their radios, tapping fingers on the dashboard, just waiting to  bust underage … [Read more...]

Drinking, Destruction, Sex – Police – La Jolla Mac Meda

The Mac Meda Destruction Co. sounds like a joke, started as a joke, thrived as a joke and ended up like a joke. Or is it? Some of the teen-age, members of this loosely organized group boast the motto, "Drinking Destruction and Sex" Here's the joke punch line, written Jan 10 (1965): On … [Read more...]

Plane Crashes at WindanSea, La Jolla Killing Actor Phillip G. Bent and Folksinger Peter Sachse

I never will forget it, it was one of those cloudless, perfect La Jolla  July summer days and all I could think about was doing a little bit of body whomping at WindanSea with a friend of mind. As we were walking to the pumphouse from Big Rock,  a plane flew by a bit low, not uncommon for those … [Read more...]

Body Whomping – WindanSea, Sea Lane, Marine St

WindanSea’s claim to fame was its surf.  Sea Lane and Marine Street's claim to fame is its wicked shore break otherwise known as 'whomp,' or what locals dubbed when you body surfed it, Bodywhomping. The term originated in the early 1960s at the three beaches due to the sound heard when the wave … [Read more...]

La Jolla – Car Goes Over Torrey Pines Cliff – Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach's for surfing and nakedness, and 3) for pushing cars off. Okay, the first two are still what the cliffs are known for, however the third, it is been outlawed for obviously reasons. Back in the late  1930s Torrey Pines was a quick way to get rid of that junker, you know those white … [Read more...]

Mac Meda Goes to Mars The Second Time

Back in 2000 Jack thought it was be pretty cool to let Mars know of Mac Meda. So, not knowing all the details of how he or others did it, Mac Meda joined the mission of exploration and discovery. A compact disc bearing Mac Meda Destruction Co was included on the next Mars Exploration Rover-2003 … [Read more...]