La Jolla Halloween Parting – Mac Meda Style

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31, but to Meda La Jollans, the closest Friday or Saturday night.  As for a bit of history, it has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints, but who gives a blab blab hell about that. For La Jolla, it has … [Read more...]

La Jolla Pumphouse Crowd – Beach Life

Just for starters, Tom Wolfe's book, The Pumphouse Gang," which he claimed immortalized the Mac Meda Destruction Co, " ... was a bunch of Bullshit," MacPherson said during a winter 2006 conversation he had with a San Diego Magazine writer in 2006. According to many that who was interviewed in the … [Read more...]

Roger Johnson – La Jolla Cove, Turkey Gobbler, W.C Fields and Demons

Roger Johnson was another unique La Jolla beach character that lived on the edge and eventually fell off.  His idol was W. C Field and Field's quote. "I never drink water because fish fuck in it" Roger could quote all of W.C's drinking quotes  and would  mimic him at times sober. He pretty much … [Read more...]

La Jolla’s WindanSea Wall – Social Status

We all know famous addresses,  the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and Sherlock Homes, 221b Baker St,  but for the La Jolla beach-goers crowd, 4811 Neptune, otherwise known as WindanSea's "The Wall,” was thee spot to  hangout at. Not all could share its space. Only the coolest of the cool hung … [Read more...]

Showing Off a New Bike at Windansea Parking Lot

For a while there it seemed the hottest thing was a cool bike, and there was nothing like getting one, regardless of who, what and where. New was even better ... Once one was inquired about, and steps made to  acquire it,  it was then just a matter of showing it off to the girls at WindanSea … [Read more...]

La Jolla Abalone Diving – Bird Rock, Casa Pool and Cove

Back in the good old days, La Jolla abalone  diving was just a matter of getting into the water and searching for these  uniques creatures. Or in the area of Bird Rock, at low tide one could walk out and over turn rocks and there would be these wonder creatures.  The prime spots were Bird Rock to … [Read more...]

Donnie Tomlinson – Legendary San Diego/La Jolla Lobster Fishermen

To a lobster connoisseur, you think only of California’s Spiny Lobsters because of its excellent sweet taste. When thinking of those that fish lobsters, there is only one;  San Diego’s  La Jolla legendary fisherman, Donnie Tomlinson. Donnie grew up in La Jolla, his dad owned La Jolla Cab, whose … [Read more...]