La Jolla Police Catch Skeleton Thief and Eber Loses Drinking Buddy

They say drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism, so if you are a Meda drinker, what do you do when you want to go on a roll and no one is around? Interesting predicament, for someone who can not find anyone to drink with. It's not like he can pick up a cell or text someone. Remember we are … [Read more...]

La Jolla’s WindanSea – Surfers, Flexy Flyer, Nazis Riding Storm Drains

Back in the early 1960s, everyone in California knew there was something different about the La Jolla's WindanSea crowd and surfers like Curren, Mike Diffenderfer (RIP) Tiny Brain Thomas, Billy Graham, and Butch Van Artsdalen (RIP)." Pat Curren and Mike Diffenderfer were known to hang at the Birds … [Read more...]

La Jolla Prospect St & South Coast Blvd Short Cut

In downtown La Jolla at the intersection of Prospect and Girard Street there is a short cut; a  set of stairs, about 150 yards long,  8 feet wide that goes to South Coast Blvd. below. This cool short cut always came in handy when the cops or someone else was chasing you. After the bars close,  … [Read more...]

Four Escape Death – 200 Foot Plunge off La Jolla Cave Street

Mac Meda people have always cheated death and quite frankly, some we are surprised that they have lived as long as they have. No doubt, this post is probably one of the luckiest ones. Back in February 1968, Richard Krug's friend, Larry Cornellius, asked to borrow his brand new pickup. Richard … [Read more...]