The Red Mountain Inn – La Jolla’s Bird Rock Bar

If there was a bar designed for Mac Meda, the infamous Dave Osborn’s Red Mountain Inn would win hands down.  It was named after the screw-top, rot-gut wine, Red Mountain, which was a must if you wanted to get drunk and had little money, because it was $1.50 for a gallon. With that said, it … [Read more...]

Four Escape Death – 200 Foot Plunge off La Jolla Cave Street

Mac Meda people have always cheated death and quite frankly, some we are surprised that they have lived as long as they have. No doubt, this post is probably one of the luckiest ones. Back in February 1968, Richard Krug's friend, Larry Cornellius, asked to borrow his brand new pickup. Richard … [Read more...]

Welcome Mac Meda Idiots, Drunks, and Dirtbags

Welcome to Mac Meda Destruction Company Official Website. Please feel free to tell your stories the way it was - if not we will have to address the issue in typical Mac Meda BS and you will be hung by your balls and/or tits until you scream Mac Medaaaaa! Now if you want to add a picture and/or … [Read more...]