Date Night in Tijuana, Mexico – Long Bar, Peeing and Coffee Cans

Coffee cans played a major role in a road trip to Tijuana, Mexico. When Folgers came out with their one gallon cans, it set a new trend in date night to the Long Bar. It took a pretty savvy and opened minded girl to head to TJ and bar hop with her boyfriend.  Most only went there one time because … [Read more...]

Mac Meda Mexico Convention – Kegs, Drunks and Federales

Sometime in late 1966 another Mac Meda Convention, had to happen ...  and it had to be the best one to date ... but where could you go without the hassle of the cops? "Well,  there is this funky and small bar and restaurant called Concheria at Lecerito or Cerito beach," someone … [Read more...]