La Jolla Mailman – Jack MacPherson Postal Worker

Born and raised in La Jolla and with a great personality, it seemed logical he would become a mailman.  Everyone on Jack's La Jolla mail route knew him. He used to love Christmas - his tips weren't a few bucks or coins, but  6-packs and/or cases of beer.  Many would asked him in for a beer or … [Read more...]

Mac’s RIP Memorial Banner – A first in Southern California

Jack's wake was a first in San Diego or probably in the whole US.  Never has there been a RIP banner such as the one that flew by Windansea in Jack's memory. The crowd stood cheering and toasted as the plane flew over the 300-plus mourners that filled the parking lot - a day that will always be … [Read more...]

Jack and his Burgie Beer – 44 mag

Here is the photo of Jack in Borrego at sunrise (yes my friends that is sunrise, not sunset), explaining to Brian Munoz why he drank Burgie beer. Jack explained, "So he didn't have to worry about anyone taking or asking for any of his beer" As far as the the reason for the 44 mag suicide look, … [Read more...]