La Jolla Rough Water Drink Regulations – Albert Conforms

The Official Mac Meda Rough Drink started in the early 1970s (sorry exact date is a tad fuzzy) and for about 8 years it grew until lifeguards, police and the Coast Guard, banned boats from being X miles from the La Jolla Rough Water swim. Well, drinking also had a major role. The first Drink, two … [Read more...]

Rough Water Drink – View From the Cliffs

With the boats anchored together, and the Rough Water Swim on the way in the background, the locals start the official La Jolla Rough Water Drink that was held the 2nd week of September. Dave Calaway's (God rest his soul) boat, The Mary Ann, anchors Kip Ives' (aka Pinky) skiff, The Woodi, who … [Read more...]

La Jolla Rough Water Drink – Eber Going To Jail

This infamous picture is of Eber going to jail in 1974 during the famous Rough Water Swim, or what locals called, La Jolla Rough Water Drink. Eber and other (name withheld to protect the guilty) took a fire extinguisher and with a curtain rod duct taped it to the hose. This made the best spud gun … [Read more...]