Dave Calloway, Eber, and Jeff Mullis – Mission Bay Landing

Would you like to run into this group in a dark alley?

Would you like to run into this group in a dark alley? Hell No!

This infamous group looks like a bunch of bikers that would have you shitting your pants if you ran into them in a dark alley. Needless to say, you could not get a better group, providing you fished, dived, surfed, body surfed, played Over-the-Line, volleyball, raised hell, hung out at Tugs (defunct PB bar) and/or Ocean Fresh, and drank a ton of beer.

Dave Calloway (l-RIP) Eber (m) and Jeff Mullis (r) are sucking down a few cool ones at Mission Bay boat landing – priming themselves to go on the famous Ab Drive – Picture taken in early 70s.


  1. Allyson Linder says:

    That’s my daddy eber

  2. You guys are as crazy now as ever….which is a good thing..I want a gallon of good ole Red Mountain wine..

  3. Bill Ainsworth says:

    Oh the memories of Dave and Mush. Is that Marilyn Carney’s motor home in the background?

  4. Heidi Paul says:

    Hi Joanna and Janne,

    I was a friend of David’s when I bartended at the Hungry Horse in Birdrock in 1974-76-ish. My name was Heidi Berg then. I wish I could talk to you some time. I have great memories and am very sorry that he’s not around to share them with!


  5. Chris Kane says:

    There is no mistake, Eber is the guy in the center, along with Jeff, Dave , Laurice and BD. I remember the picture . I was in the back of BD’s motor home at the time. And you bet, we all mis Dave These were great memories at the Rock Pile..

  6. Janne Calloway says:

    What fun to see some of my brother’s friends and remember that he had such a life full of fun and was loved by so many.
    Janne David’s sister

  7. Joanna Calloway says:

    Yup! Thats my boy, Eber and Mullis.
    Love you David and miss you every day.
    xo JC

  8. Dan,
    I’ll see you at the El Ranchero when I get back in town, I’m buying! Arriving Sept 5, Leaving Oct 7,I’ll call you then. We’ll share those stories then!

  9. Dan Dameron says:

    Ricky Krug….I’ve got some good ones too…want me to share HA HA

  10. Yea that is Eber, No question, Got some good stories to pass on later on that guy.
    Ricky Krug

  11. Dan Dameron says:

    okay…okay….it’s Eber

  12. I realize this is not a gambling website but I got $20.. that say’s it’s EBER!

  13. The picture in question has Dave Calloway (l), Eber Linder (c). Jeff Mullis (r). We were probably deciding, take your pick, How to welcome east coasters to SD, Who would go to pick up the next case of beer, or what to do when the sprinklers come on. Mullis 8/27/09

  14. Dan Dameron says:

    Mullis can follow the process….My contention is and has been that the Middle guy in the photo is not Eber…the middle guy in the photo is Eric Dameron…Mullis knows who he is in this photo

  15. Dan Dameron says:

    Callaway is no question…The middle one is ERIC….I can hear Mullis snorting in this picture, he is on the right…my contention is Eber is not the middle guy….Ill send it to my bro and see if he can recognize himself.

    • well if Eber is reading these comments, and you are confusing him with the Whale … all hell will break loose!

  16. Dan Dameron says:

    I think that’s the Whale not Eber….

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