Gargle and EMB Padre Game Bus Trips – CKs Bar

In the early 1970s, CKs bar in Pacific Beach continued with the infamous Gargle (My Balls)  and EMB (Eat My Butt) bus trips to the San Diego Padre Games at San Diego Qualcomm Stadium. As noted below, by Doug, the trips were first organized at La Jolla High School.

The concept was simple;  hire a bus, charge $10  for all the booze you could drink and a Padre ticket,  get a bunch of people, get them primed with massive amounts of alcohol at the bar first, and have the bus take them out to the ball game and drink all the way there and back.

No 502s on this one … but it did cause a few problems. Here is a account by innocent bystander, Dan Dameron who happened to be going to the game(s).  He  could not believe what he was seeing let alone hearing. He had a hard time keeping a straight face.


The "Gargle my Balls" and "Eat My Butt" photoshop enhanced banner proudly waves until security made the CKs Mac Meda group take it down. Some people have no sense of humor.

In the beginning of Padres Baseball the outfield bleacher seats were a haven for La Jolla baseball fans.  The seats were cheap and in the first two to three years they allowed the fans to bring in their own beer.   Eventually there were guys bringing plastic gallon milk bottles full of their favorite flavor.

I remember riding out to a game (with the Dodgers) with Dave Bartlett and my brother Mark.  We were a late couple innings into the game because they picked me up from the airport (just got back from The Ice).

We were listening to the game on the radio in the car and famed Dodger announcer Vin Scully was saying this; “It’s a beautiful Spring evening here in southern California and the crowd is sparse and lively and I do have to report on a contingent in the center field bleachers that seems to be having a lot of  fun – they are right behind a banner hung from the guard rail that spells out “GARGLE and EMB.”

Vinny continued, “I have no idea what that means … but it must mean something to that group.”

When we got to the game we went to the center field bleachers where  there were about 30 to 40 La Jolla’s hooting it up.  I recollect some faces, but they may be from the “Falstaff Double Header League”.

Doug Moranville, Tom Damm, Robin Wood, Beachball, Lebos, Canning, Humes, El Distorto, Mullis, Steve Wyer, the Krug family,  and many more …  Obviously  shit faced or on their way, heckling the Dodgers.

The security guys came along and made them remove the banner to a chorus of boos.

Another game against the Montreal Expos, this same group (or close) of La Jolla Heroes  were chanting at the outfielders on the Expos and they got the crowd to do the wave and with a take off of famous Lite beer commercial, “Tastes Great … Less Filling,” chant  suddenly became,

“Expose …  Your …  Dick … !!!”

The expression on the Montreal ballplayers faces was priceless ….

Photos by Dean Burriston…


  1. Dan Dameron says:

    The Expo chant was EXPOSE YOUR DICK…..just as I sent it to you. not “your dick tastes great” The clever part was EXPOSE and EXPOS sound alike. Editorial license has been been breached.
    Keep up the good work though.

    • Okay, I made the changes … oh well, shit happens …. thanks for correcting me … just have to make sure I dump more coffee in me before posting … 🙂

  2. Pinky, I have to speak up on this. The original GARGLE bus trips were years before CKs. We would meet at the parking lot below La Jolla High School and go to the Stadium from there. It was rowdy!!! One trip the bus picked up a hitch hiker and made him attend the festivities. A rear window on the bus was punched out or kicked out by Steve Manns. Once at the game it was really crazy! We got on the elevator after the bus crew and the operator told us we were lucky as the people ahead of us were the biggest bunch of drunks he had ever seen in all his years of working at the Stadium. There were Gargle t-shirts and EMB shirts also.
    CK’s bus trips were a bar thing and really had nothing to do with the Mac Meda crew. As far as the “Your dick…tastes great” I hope that was just the girls in the crowd chanting!

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