Welcome Mac Meda Idiots, Drunks, and Dirtbags

One of the boys having fun up north

One of the Meda boys having fun up north

Welcome to Mac Meda Destruction Company Official Website.

Please feel free to tell your stories the way it was – if not we will have to address the issue in typical Mac Meda BS and you will be hung by your balls and/or tits until you scream Mac Medaaaaa!

Now if you want to add a picture and/or tell a story the process is painless.

You must have these tiny bit of computer skills.

  • Know what letters and numbers are –
  • Know what a keyboard is, and no, not one on a piano –
  • Have an email address and know how to use it –
  • Be able read and write.  Don’t worry about the spelling part, we have a spell check –

Yes, I know the reading and writing part is hard for some. Now if you can do all the above, the rest is as simple as opening a can of beer.

First, go  to the bottom right side of any page and look where it says, MAC MEDA USERS.

Second, click on the word, Register (that word below MAC MEDA USERS) and it will open up a new page.  Fill the info in and click on submit.

Third, go to your email and a email will have come with a decrypted password. Copy the password, and go back to the website to the MAC MEDA USERS  and look for another word, called, LOGIN. Click on that and enter the info.

Now if you did it right, SUDDENLY, you will be taken to your Personal Blogging Page. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR Password in here. Now this is where you can write, edit or delete your story, picture, etc. and yes, you then enter the world of blogging!

IMPORTANT: If you plan to upload/share pictures MAKE SURE that the picture has been formatted correctly, meaning, make sure the picture is NO wider then 600px and not that wall size poster. We do have a cap on file size, so not to crash the system.

If you do upload pictures make sure that you name the people in it, a little story about it and blab blab blab…

Please DO NOT send something without a  bit of history with it … We do not want a picture of your pet frog, unless the frog has got a Mac Meda stenciled on its back.

Once you have done this, our Mac Meda admin will approve the Blog – so your post will show anywhere from a few seconds to a few days …  it all depends when they get back from fishing in Costa Rica, getting sun in Mexico or getting drunk at the West End or having a few tacos at the El Ranchero…

If you want to contact us, go to our contact page

What the fricken hell …. go for it and keep the spirit of Mac Meda alive and well …


  1. This is crazy! I haven’t thought of Mac Meda in 30 years or so but a few weeks ago I did think of it but couldn’t remember where I had stolen the name way back in 1973. I was a young soldier stationed at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio, Tx) 20′, 21 years old who’s goal was also to drink himself to death . I read Tom Wolf’s book and like the idea of Mac Meda so much I stole the name and formed my own little band of wonderful misfits. To make the story shortbread, I rented a little apartment in an old house off base and started to party. Every weekend was a party all weekend long. Being young,and in the Army we didn’t have much money but we did have a poster of the old actor Wallace Berry. We put that on the wall in the kitchen and nailed an old coffee can under it with a sign saying “Free Mac Meda” when we were out of money and low on beer we would find some some lonely GI’s and invite them to the party, tell to bring some beer and then let them drink some of it and take them to the kitchen where the poster was they would ask who is this dude , he looks familiar ? We would say, he is a good dude, just wants to be free but the government put him in jail and we are going to get him out, but that costs money! Their hands would go in their pockets and the money would flow and so would the beer! Then I got the bright idea the outlaw branch of Mac Meda needed a symbol so I made a stencil of a clenched fist, like the black Olympic athlete back in the day, we made T-Shirts for the gang, then got drunk and drove around the Fort putting that symble on roads and stop signs and buildings. We thought it was a great idea until we realized one of our main members was the under age daughter of the Provost Marshall (Chief of Police). He would have killed us, and here his daughter is wearing one of the T-Shirts ….. Ahhh wouldn’t be too hard to track us down . That was just one of the stupid things we did under the stolen name of Mac Meda! I wonder if I can still be charged for any of this? Thanks for the old memory’s and I think I have a picture of the poster and a few of the crew.


  3. WHEN CRABS ROAR says:

    Hey ex-wife don’t be dissin the northwest I’ve been trying hard to keep my cover but the word keeps leaking out about Meda soo it looks like were going to have a Meda entry in the 4th of July Parade this year in Port Orford, Oregon, nice little town, good surf, fishing and crazy people, ripe for plundering, arrrhhh! Dave tell them who shot the Mexico Convention Footage, I was pleased to see it.
    Gary Wickham

  4. Mac would be so proud! Such great clips, shots, memories and history. Thanks Doug, Dave and all who contribute!

  5. I still miss Mac. I don’t go to Marine Street anymore because I can’t jump at my age and Mac isn’t there on the volleyball court like he was everyday until he couldn’t play anymore. He was the only mailman in La Jolla who walked his route everyday, then still had enough energy to play volleyball with the best of them for hours in the afternoon. We all miss you Mac.

  6. Poster child for the Northwest…….anybody say Redneck?

  7. Mooneys LIttle girl Rachel Munoz says:

    U r one funny Guy daddy!!! LOVE u lots!!

  8. Bill Brasil says:

    It’s great to see my good friend “Mad Mooney”
    doing one of the things that makes him happy fondling his guns.

    Billy Brasily

  9. Not Telling says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you? But i think i Love this Man – You Go Brian!!! Spaz!

  10. Windnsea surfer says:

    It is about time someone got their act together and did a Official Website of Mac Meda – can’t wait to hear the stories on this site. Good job

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