La Jolla Business – Doing Business at WindanSea Lot

They say, “Out with the Old and in with the New” but Mac Meda is,  “In with the Old. ” Mac Meda is now gone into cyber space – a global computer networks that facilitate communications among individuals and organizations.

With that said, Google now has recognized Mac Meda Destruction Co as a official business, doing business at La Jolla’s, WindanSea parking lot with the official address at 6810 Neptune Pl.

Since Mac Meda’s Official launched in mid August, 2009 to Oct, 2009 (about 6 weeks) it has been seen by 13,234 people, who have viewed over 60,000 pages, or around 150,000 hits (a request for files, like photos etc).

Alexa (the Nielsen Ratings of websites) have given it a 900,000 ranking (#1 is Google) or in the top .1% of all websites. The average website ranks about 8 Million. Anything below one million is considered a primo website.

It is being hit on 200 keywords, 120 links (including RSS feeds), and the email subscribers for the posts is now 43. About 10% of the hits are out of the San Diego area, with 5% overseas. Facebook sends Mac Meda about 25% of its hits.

About the only websites that get more hits in La Jolla are,  Scripps hospital and clinics and the colleges.

The video, Surf Nazis have been viewed 1800 times.

Some of the top ten keywords and hits at Google are, La Jolla Drinking, La Jolla Christmas Parade, Mexico Keg Parties, La Jolla Beach life, La Jolla Windansea and La Jolla bars

Now, this is weird, the average viewer age is 32.

Now what does that tell you?

Hummm, what is this world coming to?

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