Sea Lane, WindanSea, La Jolla

This video was put together by Kip Ives using the old time photos of  Sue Olney. It was launched on youtube and within a few weeks hit the #1 under the keywords La Jolla at youtube,  and was receiving 100s of hits a day. In two months it had over 20,000 views.

The video displays the Mac Meda beach locals who hung out at Windansea parking lot, Marine St, and Sea Lane in La Jolla back in the mid-1970s. Drinking beer on the beach was legal then. The sad part of the video, many of the people are dead in it.

Obviously, it pissed of a few people where it surpasses the Save the Seals, Homes for Sale and cornered La Jolla’s elite crowd. Consequently, someone file a complaint about the song used, and with that said, youtube yanked it – due to copyright infringements.

Our sincere apologies to Eric Burdon and the Animals, one of the greatest roll and roll bands of the world. The song just fit the La Jolla beach era of Windansea, Marine St and Sea Lane.

And  is a memory to those in it that are no longer around ….

Update:   La Jolla and Eric Burton