Mac Meda Goes to Mars The Second Time


Back in 2000 Jack thought it was be pretty cool to let Mars know of Mac Meda. So, not knowing all the details of how he or others did it, Mac Meda joined the mission of exploration and discovery.

A compact disc bearing Mac Meda Destruction Co was included on the next Mars Exploration Rover-2003 that would search for geologic evidence for water.  Because once you find water … well you guess it, you can make beer.

One of the rumors was that there was a Mac Meda sticker placed inside the Exploration Rover by a NASA geek …  Sorry  as of this date we have not seen any evidences there was one.  But we do like the claim to fame thought, but if you do find one, please let us know.

Once again Mac Meda  will take a trip to Mars on or around 2010, this time carried by NASA Mars Science Laboratory Rover and this time in a microchip.  But thats Okay!  Its the spirit that counts.

Okay, so it is not as glorious, but still  not to many La Jollans, beer drinkers and  beach goers  have had their name sent to Mars twice in 10 years.

2000 Mars Certificate by the Branding Iron and 2009 Mars Certificate by SD Web Services

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