La Jolla Rough Water Drink – Eber Going To Jail

Eber goes to Jail during the Rough Drink

Eber goes to Jail during the Rough Drink

This infamous picture is of Eber going to jail in 1974 during the famous Rough Water Swim, or what locals called, La Jolla Rough Water Drink.

Eber and other (name withheld to protect the guilty) took a fire extinguisher and with a curtain rod duct taped it to the hose. This made the best spud gun that shot a wad of potato a few hundred yards. Asked Bill Dent about it, when “other” shot him in the chest at 75 yards and left a welt the size of a orange … but that’s another post…

Shooting from the cliffs at the drunks in the boats the cops caught him. They charged him with shooting an air gun in public … oh well, it could have been worse … “other” could have also gone to jail …


  1. What ever happened to Cassandra Linder…? I saw the photos of Eber… and that he is also gone now to (RIP)… looks like a lot of them are long gone… I never saw much of any of these folks after the 60’s…. but it is kinda fun to look in here now.. I recently met Christy Cramer.. (I did not know her in high school) and she was sowing me this sight… there is a lot of happy memories here.. I FORGOT how really wild we were.. not remotely law abiding… Thank God… we are all glad for our free spirited memories…

  2. That Eber he tried to drown me in a pool he was just playing.

  3. Chris May aka "Amp" says:

    Ha ha, those were the days. Hanging out in the cutting room at Ocean Fresh. Beers in quantity across the street at the Hungry Horse.

    There was a year in the early seventies (why can’t I remember?) when I talked a couple of sailboat fags to bring their boats up. We lashed them on the outside of the mega-raft. I swam over to my house on Prospect and got some surgical tubing, a bag of balloons, and a beach bucket. Made a slingshot from the tops of the masts. We were nailing observers all over the Coast Walk. It took hours for “offishul response”. All I know was the next year the water cops had a skiff stationed on site.

    BTW, especially to Denny Moore and Dougie Moranville, “Jus’ One Mo'”, my skiff from those days, is still alive and well in SW Colorado. Best to all the gang, known, RIPs and unknown.

    Save a whale, eat a Jap. I’ll be back when I get old. LJ was always a great place for old folks and their parents too.

  4. Cheebs’ sister was hot!! he and I lived together until he shot a pistol thaqt bounced off the floor and went thru a door just missing my melon.

  5. Mac called him ‘Cheebs’ and I knew he was part of Macs family

  6. JIM DUNLAP says:


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