Roger Johnson – La Jolla Cove, Turkey Gobbler, W.C Fields and Demons

Roger Johnson was another unique La Jolla beach character that lived on the edge and eventually fell off.  His idol was W. C Field and Field's quote. "I never drink water because fish fuck in it" Roger could quote all of W.C's drinking quotes  and would  mimic him at times sober. He pretty much … [Read more...]

La Jolla’s El Sombrero Bar

So we have the Red Mountain Inn, Sip n Surf and Maynard, but if there was any bar in La Jolla, San Diego or in the US for that matter, that should have closed the day they opened, it would have been the El Sombrero. The main thing about El Sombrero, it amazed everyone that they were in business as … [Read more...]