Brown Derby Cheap Beer and WindanSea Sunset

Artist and Red Mountain Inn owner, Dave Osborn relaxes surrounded by cases of Brown Derby beer. Now I bet he wishes he kept some of the cans and/or bottles. Brown Derby?  What the hell is that? For those kids who have stumbled upon this website, Mac Meda (obviously experts on beer … [Read more...]

Gargle and EMB Padre Game Bus Trips – CKs Bar

In the early 1970s, CKs bar in Pacific Beach continued with the infamous Gargle (My Balls)  and EMB (Eat My Butt) bus trips to the San Diego Padre Games at San Diego Qualcomm Stadium. As noted below, by Doug, the trips were first organized at La Jolla High School. The concept was simple;  hire a … [Read more...]

Seal Bombs – Was It The Start Of Destruction?

When Kip Ives (known to his friends as Pinky) started hanging out in the Kearney Mesa Butcher Shop, he meant Joe “Smoothie” De Silva. Smoothie was a fishing legend and icon in the Portuguese community and the owner of one of the top fishing seiners that fished out of  Samoa.  With the common … [Read more...]

Albert, The Silverback Gorilla, Mac Meda’s President

Everyone knows Albert, the San Diego Zoo's famous silverback gorilla. Albert is famous for three things. 1) He was responsible for starting the gorilla population at the San Diego Zoo, which drew world-wide attention and became the star attraction with his ability to put Viagra to shame. 2) He … [Read more...]

Eric Burdon and the Animals – “When I Was Young” Back At La Jolla’s WindanSea and Sea Lane

Over a year ago, Sue Olney had some old time photos of WindanSea and Sea Lane. Well, Kip "Pinky" Ives made a video out of it, and launched it on youtube. The video took off and within a couple of months it was receiving 1000s of views and hit the #1 spot under youtubes  search of "La Jolla." It … [Read more...]

The Red Mountain Inn – La Jolla’s Bird Rock Bar

If there was a bar designed for Mac Meda, the infamous Dave Osborn’s Red Mountain Inn would win hands down.  It was named after the screw-top, rot-gut wine, Red Mountain, which was a must if you wanted to get drunk and had little money, because it was $1.50 for a gallon. With that said, it … [Read more...]

Laughing Gas Kills Two in La Jolla

In 1969, La Jolla was still a sleepy beach town and pretty much unknown to the country, let alone the world. There was a 5 & 10 store, Safeway market (that everyone worked at), small hardware store, a few shoe stores, and Walker Scotts was the upper end of clothing. The average home sold for … [Read more...]