La Jolla Girard Street House – Meda Clubhouse

. The stories of the La Jolla Girard Street house are infamous, the true life “Animal House,” that put together true life outrageous parties. David Olson, formal owner of the the Red Mountain Inn, probably said it best, "I recall the first time I was invited to Macpherson’s Girard Street house, … [Read more...]

Seal Bombs – Was It The Start Of Destruction?

When Kip Ives (known to his friends as Pinky) started hanging out in the Kearney Mesa Butcher Shop, he meant Joe “Smoothie” De Silva. Smoothie was a fishing legend and icon in the Portuguese community and the owner of one of the top fishing seiners that fished out of  Samoa.  With the common … [Read more...]

Bastardization of Portuguese Merda, Became Meda

Bob Rakestraw's first real job was on a Scripps Research vessel.  His adopted parents had already seen an alcohol problem developing, so, since drinking was forbidden on these ships it seems the logical thing to do. The "dry out theory" so to say. However,  the experience did give him the … [Read more...]

Robert “Bob” Rakestraw – Mac Meda’s Co-Founder

Robert “Bob” Norris Rakestraw (or aka, the  Meda in Mac Meda) was born a Fergurson in Nova Scotia, Canada on December 8, 1940. He was adopted by famed Scripps Oceanography Dr. Norris and Hazel Rakestraw about eight years later. Norris was the number two man at Scripps and a renowned expert on … [Read more...]

Albert, The Silverback Gorilla, Mac Meda’s President

Everyone knows Albert, the San Diego Zoo's famous silverback gorilla. Albert is famous for three things. 1) He was responsible for starting the gorilla population at the San Diego Zoo, which drew world-wide attention and became the star attraction with his ability to put Viagra to shame. 2) He … [Read more...]

La Jolla Outrageous Parties, Drinking Beer and Wild Women

Occasionally, when reading surfing publications, there is a reference to the ‘Mac Meda Destruction Company’ of La Jolla, California.  The writer often makes a reference to outrageous parties, drinking beer, wild women, tearing things up, surfing, and generally having a really bitchen time. The … [Read more...]