La Jolla High Alumni – Mac Meda Style Reunion

At any given day many La Jolla High Alumni stopped to have a few cold ones with Jack at the West End

At any given day many La Jolla High Alumni stopped to have a few cold ones with Jack at the West End - Photo by Percy Turner

When Jack took the early morning shift at the West End in Pacific Beach/La Jolla on just about any given day there would have been a bunch of La Jolla High Alumni there. Makes sense, since Jack was a La Jolla High Alumni.

Many of his closest friends would stop by and shoot the shit over a few beers and cocktails. One day, Jack glazed down the bar and noticed that the bar has become a mini-reunion and someone had a camera.

So they rounded up the gang and took this photo in 1996.

Now please forgive me, I got the photo from Percy, but I had a hard time reading his writing (sorry Percy), so please correct me if I’m wrong on the list below.

Back row: Peter Bergstrum, Percy Turner, Paul Bunch, Donnie Thomlison.
Front row: Albie, Coleta, Tito, Jack McPherson, Jeff Mullis, and Lorus Thomlision

For more see more – Donnie, Bergstrom, Eber, Tito, Percy, Jack at West End


  1. Lee Evans’ report card. Jack had a high school friend…Lee Evans…who apparently received a report card from LJHS…there were 5 Fs. 1 D-. Apparently the D- was from the shop teacher…Mr. Monte El…who refused to give Lee an F…saying he had never flunked a student and wasn’t about to start. Citizenship grades were all ‘U’ (unsatisfactory). Under ‘student’s address’ was listed ‘unknown’. Apparently, Lee was brilliant, but hated school and never went to class. Jack had come into Lee Evans’ report card, had it laminated and posted copies on the West End bulletin board. The copies would be removed…over and over and over…he figured the West End customers were taking it to show their moms…”See Mom, there was someone worse than me,”…Lee Evans was tragically killed a few months after their 1955 graduation. Car crash near Del Mar. Jack dreamt of Lee his whole life…he’d wake up and say “I saw Lee”…

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