Lobster Fisherman Donnie Tomlinson with Bergstrom, Eber, Tito, Percy, Jack at West End

A typical group of Mac Meda Characters.

Donnie Tomlinson towers over his friends sharing good times. Photo supplied by Percy Turner

Now if this is not a great photo of lobster fisherman extraordinaire Donnie Tomlinson towering in this  classic pose taken at the West End bar that  borders (or no mans land) La Jolla and Pacific Beach –  many moons ago (around 1995).

Donnie’s got the look of, “Don’t screw with me or my buddies!”  And Eber, he is just having a hard time seeing. And Jack, it looks like he is trying to figure out whose belly is bigger?

What a great group of  guys that have been friends for a long time, enjoying a few cold ones and just having fun.

L to R – Peter Bergstrom, Eber Linder,  ‘Tito” Rodriguez (RIP), Donnie Tomlinson (RIP), Percy Turner, and  Jack MacPherson (RIP)


  1. Tito Rodriguez Jr says:

    Thanks for remember dad, it was tough follow his lead definitely a man among men. He use to talk about Archie Moore a lot but more about Archies accomplishment not about working with him. He definitely was a modest man not given to talk about himself much – definitely not a lot of Hubris. Been 7 years now he’s been gone and do miss him. But he’s up there fishing with Donnie and his pals doing what they loved.

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  3. Donnie’s sisters were Patty & Betty aka. Eleanor & Elizabeth…..Patty was my Mom. Donnie is my Uncle.

  4. Notes…

    These guys go waaaaaaaaay back!

    Jack and Donnie were friends since childhood…sometime around 1947, a limousine would pull up at La Jolla Shores. Two boys would hop out of the back in swim trunks…they were holding towels, fins, snorkels…Their names were Donnie Tomlinson and Jack Macpherson. The limo was owned by Donnie’s father, Steele. The driver was either Betty or Barbara Tomlinson, Donnie’s older twin sisters…who would argue over who had to drive Donnie and his friends to the beach and who had afternoon pickup duty.

    Tito was a member of one of La Jolla’s oldest families…the Rodriquez family of Pottery Canyon. He was known as being one of the toughest guys of the beach (along with Gil Moreno and Scott Cherry, who caught a shark off his surfboard). Tito was a Golden Gloves boxer…brought up by Archie Moore.

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