La Jolla Mac Meda Women – Nice Butts and Legs

Mac Meda - Nice Ass and Legsgirlbuts

Okay so OMBAC has their Ms. Emerson (Em-er-some big tits) and Donald Trump has the bias Miss America contest, but no doubt La Jolla Mac Meda rules in the nice butts and legs.  Meda has no biaism …  we like it ALL!

buns_of_steal-catalinaGo down to Windansea, Sea Lane and yourrrr  tongue will probably drop to the sand.

Yes, any given hot, sunny day, the warm white sands of Windansea and Sea Lane attract the young, beautiful and the hot sexy women!

The mid 1970s the bikini was teasing the Meda Eaters … and nothing has changed, legs are legs, an ass is an ass, but now it is a few thongs or a tad bit less material.

Nice butts and legs will continue to rule the beaches of La Jolla, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach.

So eat your @#%& heart out Donald!

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