Brewery Collectibles Club of Mac Meda

Dave Osborn comment on the Brown Derby post was correct. Jack Macpherson was one of the first people to start collecting beer cans. Frankly I believe he idolized his favorite organization, the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA). With the early 1935 introduction of the first U.S. beer can … [Read more...]

Brown Derby Cheap Beer and WindanSea Sunset

Artist and Red Mountain Inn owner, Dave Osborn relaxes surrounded by cases of Brown Derby beer. Now I bet he wishes he kept some of the cans and/or bottles. Brown Derby?  What the hell is that? For those kids who have stumbled upon this website, Mac Meda (obviously experts on beer … [Read more...]

Conventions – Keg Party – Drunken Beer Orgies and Wild Women

A Los Angeles Times reporter once wrote, “ ... drunken beer orgies and wild women” when referring to a Mac Meda Convention. No doubt, Mac Meda perfected the keg party, if not invented it.  And the greatest technical advancement to the keg party was the invention of the plastic trash can. … [Read more...]

La Jolla’s Bird Rock Sip n Surf or Hungry Horse Bar

When Maynard Heatherly was asked, "What he thought of the Sip n Surf?" all he could do was shake his head. Fact remains, he hated the joint, even though he was friends with the owner, Burt Alderson. "Its not the competition," he said, God knows he already had a ton of customers, he hated the … [Read more...]

Butch Van Artsdalen – Legendary Surfer – WindanSea Lot

Recently I attended a memorial service for Harry Phillips, the former owner of Flowers by Adelaide in La Jolla.  I was having a conversation with some of the former delivery boys who worked for Harry over the years.  Randy Miller, Harry's nephew, told a Windansea Tale. Legendary surfer Butch Van … [Read more...]

Jack and his Burgie Beer – 44 mag

Here is the photo of Jack in Borrego at sunrise (yes my friends that is sunrise, not sunset), explaining to Brian Munoz why he drank Burgie beer. Jack explained, "So he didn't have to worry about anyone taking or asking for any of his beer" As far as the the reason for the 44 mag suicide look, … [Read more...]