Police Raid WindanSea, La Jolla – Mac Meda July, 1968, Convention

Brian Munoz probably summarized it best; after getting a few "to-go orders"  for a beer run, he went to the Liquor Box, filled his truck with cases, and when he started pulling out of the parking lot  heading down Nautilus St -  that’s when he slammed on his brakes. He suddenly had become the … [Read more...]

Cop Rolls Car Busting La Jolla, WindanSea Convention

Here is how the story goes. Huge Mac Meda Convention at WindanSea. Cops like always were waiting out of sight, usually lined up like a fright train somewhere in Bird Rock or at the top of Nautilus St; glued to their radios, tapping fingers on the dashboard, just waiting to  bust underage … [Read more...]

Drinking, Destruction, Sex – Police – La Jolla Mac Meda

The Mac Meda Destruction Co. sounds like a joke, started as a joke, thrived as a joke and ended up like a joke. Or is it? Some of the teen-age, members of this loosely organized group boast the motto, "Drinking Destruction and Sex" Here's the joke punch line, written Jan 10 (1965): On … [Read more...]

Carmel Valley – Adobe House Convention

As Red Mountain Inn owner, David Osborn said in a comment, “Mac Meda's conventions had to move around a bit. The cops were always looking to bust the next one." Besides, Browns Ranch, WindanSea and Sea Lane, there was the coolest of all coolest places to have a Convention. This editor knew it as … [Read more...]

Carmel Valley Conventions – Brown’s Ranch

Carmel Valley in the old days was considered the sticks - depending on type of vehicle, and pit stops it took about a two beers as the crow flies before one got to the Carmel Valley turnoff off Interstate 5 and another 1 to two beers to get to Brown’s Cattle Ranch. Browns Ranch was not really owned … [Read more...]

Conventions – Keg Party – Drunken Beer Orgies and Wild Women

A Los Angeles Times reporter once wrote, “ ... drunken beer orgies and wild women” when referring to a Mac Meda Convention. No doubt, Mac Meda perfected the keg party, if not invented it.  And the greatest technical advancement to the keg party was the invention of the plastic trash can. … [Read more...]