Long Bar – Butch Van Artsdalen

Long Bar with Butch Van Artsdalen and Friends To: Webmaster From: Bob Feigel bob(at)surfwriter.net Message: Hi - A brief note to say thanks for your blog. It's being enjoyed by quite a few people who belong to the Facebook group California Surfing Memories & Photos. Your blog came … [Read more...]

Date Night in Tijuana, Mexico – Long Bar, Peeing and Coffee Cans

Coffee cans played a major role in a road trip to Tijuana, Mexico. When Folgers came out with their one gallon cans, it set a new trend in date night to the Long Bar. It took a pretty savvy and opened minded girl to head to TJ and bar hop with her boyfriend.  Most only went there one time because … [Read more...]

Silverback Ale – Mac Meda Postcards With Albert

Back when Jack MacPherson was tending bar at the West End, some dorky beer salesperson stopped in promoting a new type of Ale. Normally these people would get their asses reamed and  run out.  As far as Jack was concern, there were only a handful of beers worth drinking. However, this one sparked … [Read more...]

Long Bar, Tijuana Mexico – Bootleg Tequila and Stale Beer

If you Google search Long Bar, the first three pages are filled with some historic Old Town Irvine bar called Tia Juana's Long Bar and Grill. The website hypes that you sit under the brightly colored banners, sipping Tia Juana's famous hand-shaken Margaritas, and eating the freshly made tortillas … [Read more...]

La Jolla’s El Sombrero Bar

So we have the Red Mountain Inn, Sip n Surf and Maynard, but if there was any bar in La Jolla, San Diego or in the US for that matter, that should have closed the day they opened, it would have been the El Sombrero. The main thing about El Sombrero, it amazed everyone that they were in business as … [Read more...]

La Jolla’s Bird Rock Sip n Surf or Hungry Horse Bar

When Maynard Heatherly was asked, "What he thought of the Sip n Surf?" all he could do was shake his head. Fact remains, he hated the joint, even though he was friends with the owner, Burt Alderson. "Its not the competition," he said, God knows he already had a ton of customers, he hated the … [Read more...]

Tijuana – The Long Bar – Heaven For the Underaged

During the roaring twenties, Tijuana became non-stop action. Americans flooded the tiny border town during probation to gamble and drink. By the 50s and 60s its reputation was known all over for it strip joints, floor shows and cheap bars and beer. It became folklore of wide reputations and spawned … [Read more...]