La Jolla Girard Street House – Meda Clubhouse

. The stories of the La Jolla Girard Street house are infamous, the true life “Animal House,” that put together true life outrageous parties. David Olson, formal owner of the the Red Mountain Inn, probably said it best, "I recall the first time I was invited to Macpherson’s Girard Street house, … [Read more...]

Silverback Ale – Mac Meda Postcards With Albert

Back when Jack MacPherson was tending bar at the West End, some dorky beer salesperson stopped in promoting a new type of Ale. Normally these people would get their asses reamed and  run out.  As far as Jack was concern, there were only a handful of beers worth drinking. However, this one sparked … [Read more...]

Brewery Collectibles Club of Mac Meda

Dave Osborn comment on the Brown Derby post was correct. Jack Macpherson was one of the first people to start collecting beer cans. Frankly I believe he idolized his favorite organization, the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA). With the early 1935 introduction of the first U.S. beer can … [Read more...]

Radio Interview – Jack MacPherson – Ultimate Beer Buddy

Mac Meda editors note: This is a strange interview - in fact we got a few emails and calls on it ... now really, how could 10,000 people show up at the West End? November 30, 2006  - This a Mac Meda radio interview by Luke Burbank, titled:  Jack MacPherson, the Ultimate Beer Buddy -  a Southern … [Read more...]

San Diego Council Members Adjourned Meeting in Memory of Jack MacPherson

The City of San Diego Town Council adjourned it meeting on December 5, 2006 to honor the memory of Jack MacPherson. Council members at the time who signed the document were Donna Frye, Scott Peters, Jim Madeffer, Brian Maienschein, Kevin Faulconer, Toni Atkins, Tony Young, Ben Hueson. Donnie … [Read more...]

Mac Meda Poem by Jack MacPherson and Charlie Farley

Now, ole Mac Meda was a powerful man, Who could smash down a house with the palm of his hand; He formed a company of destroying fools, Big Sledgehammers were his favorite tools. They started out breaking just a house here and there, Smash out the windows and let in some air; Knock out the … [Read more...]

La Jolla Outrageous Parties, Drinking Beer and Wild Women

Occasionally, when reading surfing publications, there is a reference to the ‘Mac Meda Destruction Company’ of La Jolla, California.  The writer often makes a reference to outrageous parties, drinking beer, wild women, tearing things up, surfing, and generally having a really bitchen time. The … [Read more...]