Little John Syvada – Conrad, Sea Lane and Tequila Sunrise

If there was ever a man that could defied the massive consumption of alcohol and chemicals it was Little John Sylvada. He would have been a medical sensation on any autopsy table. His morning consisted of pouring his first wine cooler at 4am, taking a 1-2 hour nap at 12, and after, getting into the … [Read more...]

Sea Lane, La Jolla – Horseshoes and Tourists

During summer you would have hard a hard time beating the lifestyle of the popular strand of Sea Lane beach in La Jolla California. The secluded beach was just another saga in the life of Mac Meda ... it was not a place for the tourist to go. And it did become a popular place for that romantic  late … [Read more...]

Body Whomping – WindanSea, Sea Lane, Marine St

WindanSea’s claim to fame was its surf.  Sea Lane and Marine Street's claim to fame is its wicked shore break otherwise known as 'whomp,' or what locals dubbed when you body surfed it, Bodywhomping. The term originated in the early 1960s at the three beaches due to the sound heard when the wave … [Read more...]

La Jolla Beaches – Sea Lane and Marine St

In La Jolla, there are a number of beaches one could go to. First was the fine and dirty sand of the tourist attractions of the Shores, the Casa Pool (which is a fricken seal preserve now) and the calendar settings of the Cove. All three were relative calm and good places to take the family and very … [Read more...]