Tim Ginder’s Bachelor Party – La Jolla, Bird Rock – Sip n Surf

Bottom Row (left to right): Dean Buriston ,Anton, Tim Ginder, Lee Bakken (RIP) Top Row (left to right): Magoo, Wes Drevick,?,Steve Klooster.

Bottom Row (left to right): Dean Burriston, Anton, Tim Ginder, Lee Bakken (RIP) Top Row (left to right): Magoo, Wes Drevick, sorry unknown, Steve Klooster.

It was 4am at the infamous Sip n Surf bar in La Jolla’s Bird Rock.

And of all things, Dean Burriston …  cough, cough …  was in charge :-). Yeah, in charge of what? Well Sandy, the owner at the time, gave him the responsibility to watch the bank …

They broke all the chairs, all the stools, all the tables, and all the potted hanging plants.  They even turned the cigarette machine upside down.

Unfortunately, the machine shorted out and it started to spit out cigarettes and the next thing they knew money-hence reason people are holding up cigs for a group photo. Oh my …   such delinquents!

Dean said, “You guys are fucking crazy,” and got the hell out just at sunrise and returned the next morning.  His jaw dropped to the floor of what looked like a bomb (maybe a mushroom cloud?) went off in the place.

Jack was so proud –  later on said, “I have taught all my children well,” adding, “I feel like a proud father … ”

Oh yes, almost forgot, with massive hangovers they all came back,  paid for all the damage and cleaned the place up.

Posted by Brian Munoz


  1. Bill Sowles says:

    What was real fun was night fishing in the pool at the del Charro.

  2. Bill Sowles says:

    Rember when the ‘Sip’ had no tables or chairs? You sat on the floor covered with beach sand.

  3. And where’s J Poole? J Poole was the greatest…a yacht saleswoman who had a dog that wore sunglasses…

  4. Yeah, that’s Dean. What times we had. Jeff Hines(RIP) was a ton of fun! Anton, where are you these days?

    • Karen Bouffard / I couldn’t be more proud. You have a Passion and your own way of eesxrspion, you are an original soul. The past is what teaches us how to move forward and I thank god that you pulled the positive from that hell hole you had to call home. We love you and support you unconditionally. Lots of love Mom

  5. Whoever it is, don’t you miss Jeff Hinds? What a great guy.

  6. That’s not Jeff Hines it’s Dean Cromwell

  7. Isn’t that Jeff Hinds on the left hand corner?

  8. Dan Dameron says:

    Isn’t that Eber behind Dean?

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