La Jolla Girard Street House – Meda Clubhouse

According to sources, and please correct us if we are wrong, the people are, Dave Osborn w Mug just out of photo on left, The ‘Lad,” Joe Ortega, Jim Rathburn, Diane Molar, Darnez (Spelling? and RIP)and Grog (Nickname)

. The stories of the La Jolla Girard Street house are infamous, the true life “Animal House,” that put together true life outrageous parties. David Olson, formal owner of the the Red Mountain Inn, probably said it best, "I recall the first time I was invited to Macpherson’s Girard Street … [Read more...]

Silverback Ale – Mac Meda Postcards With Albert

Twenty-five percent of profits are given to the Save A Gorilla fund.

Back when Jack MacPherson was tending bar at the West End, some dorky beer salesperson stopped in promoting a new type of Ale. Normally these people would get their asses reamed and  run out.  As far as Jack was concern, there were only a handful of beers worth drinking. However, this one … [Read more...]

Cop Rolls Car Busting La Jolla, WindanSea Convention

Over excited cop rolls his car trying to bust a Mac Meda Convention - Photo taken by I believe Jon Sarrett

Here is how the story goes. Huge Mac Meda Convention at WindanSea. Cops like always were waiting out of sight, usually lined up like a fright train somewhere in Bird Rock or at the top of Nautilus St; glued to their radios, tapping fingers on the dashboard, just waiting to  bust underage … [Read more...]

Drinking, Destruction, Sex – Police – La Jolla Mac Meda

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The Mac Meda Destruction Co. sounds like a joke, started as a joke, thrived as a joke and ended up like a joke. Or is it? Some of the teen-age, members of this loosely organized group boast the motto, "Drinking Destruction and Sex" Here's the joke punch line, written Jan 10 (1965): On … [Read more...]

Carmel Valley – Adobe House Convention


As Red Mountain Inn owner, David Osborn said in a comment, “Mac Meda's conventions had to move around a bit. The cops were always looking to bust the next one." Besides, Browns Ranch, WindanSea and Sea Lane, there was the coolest of all coolest places to have a Convention. This editor knew it as … [Read more...]

Cuyamaca State Park Convention – In The Trees

May (maybe earlier) 1965 MacMeda Convention at Cuyamaca State Park. Gary Wickham is at far left; others are unknown. Photo by Harry Marriner

Conventions were a must for Mac Meda. In reality it was just a place to go, and either raise some hell, like the Mexico Convention or just kick back,  drink a ton of beers and socialize … as the boys from Animal House said, "Road Trip." Nested in the north East of El Cajon or about 40 miles … [Read more...]

Little John Syvada – Conrad, Sea Lane and Tequila Sunrise

L-R - Hawk (RIP) Little John and  - sorry this is the best picture I could find

If there was ever a man that could defied the massive consumption of alcohol and chemicals it was Little John Sylvada. He would have been a medical sensation on any autopsy table. His morning consisted of pouring his first wine cooler at 4am, taking a 1-2 hour nap at 12, and after, getting into the … [Read more...]